R107 SL Cruise Control Module

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Mercedes SL Cruise Control Module

Nothing signifies classic luxury better than a Mercedes R107 SL cruise control module that was fitted as an upgrade during the 1980s. It was simply outstanding.

What is Mercedes SL Cruise Control module?

In an era when leather seats and a walnut dashboard were limited to just a few motor companies and models around the world, the Mercedes R107 SL offered customers an expensive but aspirational upgrade – cruise control.

The cruise control module could be fitted as an optional extra when purchasing a new Mercedes SL and allowed motorists to pre-set a speed at which the car would cruise along at without the need for manual acceleration. If you were travelling long distances, or ‘touring’ as it became known, the cruise control was an outstanding addition to the car.

It was a thing of luxury, and unsurprisingly Mercedes were one of the early adopters of this technology.

The Mercedes SL Cruise Control Module was seen as a must-have feature for those looking to take their SL to the next level and Mercedes sold many upgrades.

Modern cruise control is much more advanced than the system found in an R107, but it had to start somewhere.

Common issues with Mercedes SL Cruise Control Module

In many ways the Cruise Control feature was ahead of it’s time, and as such, was not without its problems.

Faulty cruise control will either function badly (fluctuating speed, misbehaving cruise) or not at all (irresponsive).

How to repair issues with your Mercedes SL cruise control module?

Thankfully, here at SLSHOP we have had a lot of experience in repairing Mercedes SLs which have cruise control issues. From those with slight malfunctions right through to the functionality just not working at all, we have seen everything.

To replace your cruise control module outright is extremely expensive, so we offer a refurbishment service. These units are hard to source, so we operate a ‘one in one out’ method.

Simply send us your old cruise control module and once we’ve received it we will despatch a reconditioned and fully functioning module from our stock.

Another option is to repair the module in your car, which is a service we provide. Repairs will usually take 2-3 weeks to complete, so make sure you book it in with us ahead of time.

We offer different versions of this product depending on what the part number is on the module in your car. Contact us if you are unsure.

000.1203.RF – R107 refurbish – OE# 0035450932 – £203.95

107.0132.RF – R107 refurbish – OE# 0035450732 – £249.95

107.0132 – R107 refurbish – OE# 0035450732 – £249.95 – (work done by The Merc Doctor)

129.0126.RF – R129 refurbish – OE# 0075454332 – £249.95

Not sure which service you require? Contact our team.