Classic Mercedes-Benz Service Book

Mercedes Service Book

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All proud owners of a Mercedes SL love to have their car’s history recorded in their Mercedes Service Book.

However, over time, these books get lost, damaged or even full of history. This can be frustrating for owners as we all like to keep our service history in one place and ensure that it is comprehensive.

Collectors love to have the information that one would find in a service book, and without one sitting in the glove compartment or that car document folder at home, your SL may not quite feel complete.

The new SLSHOP Mercedes Service Book

Given the important of having an up-to-date Mercedes Service Book, SLSHOP has developed a brand-new replacement service book for your Mercedes SL.

The new Mercedes Service Book is our very own design, though we have based that design on the original version which was given with brand new Mercedes SL models. It features an attractive front cover with a blue background and the diagram of a Mercedes SL convertible.

Inside, the Mercedes Service Book has many of the features that would have been in your original. This ensure that you can record all of the vital information that owners and collectors love to have, not to mention any future owners or dealers if you should sell your car.

We’ve included the designated area to record first registered keeper information, former keepers, pre-delivery inspection and also service intervals up to 120,000 miles of 200,000km.  We’ve also given you room to record fluid renewals.

The Mercedes Service Book by SLSHOP is perfect for keeping all of your documents and receipts together in one place, safe and protected for future use or inspection.

While we have obviously designed and produced this book with an eye on Mercedes SL owners, it’s actually relevant for all classic Mercedes-Benz petrol engine cars. So if you’re looking to replace a Mercedes Service Book from a different classic petrol model, then this will be perfect for you.

It contains 26 pages and has dimensions of 200mm x 99mm. This product is exclusive to SLSHOP – you will not find it anywhere else, so if you need a replacement Mercedes Service Book then this is perfect for you.

Repairs and servicing by SLSHOP? We will record them in your new book

If you’re ordering this Mercedes Service Book and your car has been maintained (i.e. service, repair, etc) by SLSHOP, then contact us prior to purchasing. If you can provide receipts for each of the pieces of work we have done, we will happily stamp your new Mercedes Service Book in the relevant places before sending it out to you.

This means that the all-important service history will already have a level of detail and authenticity to it when your new service book arrives with you.

Hop over to our online store to order the book today, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated team who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Find this part in our Parts Store here