R107 SL Wooden Dashboard and Console

Mercedes 107 wooden dashboard and console

One of the most iconic features of the classic SLs was the wooden dashboard and console.

The wood work in the Mercedes R107 SLs really finished the interior off, giving it an up-market feel which it maintains to this day. It has a certain vigour and prestige about it,  when guests get in your car, one of the first things they will notice is the beautiful wood pack. They’ll find it impossible not to touch it as well.

Of course, over time, the Mercedes 107 wood trim can become damaged and lose a little of that original vigour. It may be marked or scratch or maybe it has faded a little, losing that wow-factor.

At SLSHOP, we are pleased to offer a Mercedes 107 wood pack that can restore your SL’s interior to its former glory.

The wood in the R107s was used quite extensively within the cabin of the car. It surrounds the gear lever while the ashtray is sunk in to the wood. The heater controls and radio are also fitted in to and surrounded by the opulent wood.

There is a small strip of wood on the dash and it may also feature on the doors.

Mercedes 107 wood pack versions

In developing wood packs that can bring back the glamour and sparkle to your car’s interior, we have done so with a meticulous level of detail. This means that we have been sure to replicate each style of wood colour and pattern while also ensuring the many different variations of interior have been catered for.

Firstly, the two types of original wooden interior colour used on the 107s is available in our Mercedes wood pack range. They were Burlwood and Zebrano.

The Zebrano is the lighter of the two shades of wood and has distinctive darker streaks running through the grain. Burlwood was arguably the more popular of the two and is a much richer, darker shade. It was used extensively in the models from 1985 and later.

There are many different combinations of Mercedes 107 wood pack used down the years. For the top panel alone, there were more than ten combinations, each influenced by things such as air conditioning, climate control and adjustable headlamps.

Regardless of the year and model of your Mercedes R107 SL, we will supply the wood pack combination and colours required for you to do a complete and thorough restoration of the interior wood work in your car.

For any questions and queries relating to the Mercedes 107 wood pack, and to find out more about the different fitting options, contact us today for more information. If you can have information about the year and spec of your car to hand, it will help our team to advise or point you in the right direction when it comes to the wood trim that you may require.

Alternatively, head over to our online store to browse the available products and combinations and begin planning that restoration of your Mercedes R107 SL today.

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