R107 SL Rubber Overmats

Mercedes 107 Rubber Overmats

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The Mercedes 107 rubber overmats have been developed by SLSHOP and are only available to buy directly from us.

Perfectly mapped and cut to fit the footwell of the Mercedes SL, our exclusive overmats are the perfect solution to keeping your footwell carpet in fine condition.

How the Mercedes 107 rubber overmats were developed

As a specialist company that repairs, restores and maintains Mercedes SLs, we have seen many things down the year that owners need for their prized cars. One of the most commonly requested products was a set of hard-wearing rubber foot mats.

SLSHOP got to work on developing a pair of exclusive mats that would fulfil all of the main criteria our customers had. Easy to clean, minimal or no branding and excellent at protecting the carpet in the footwell. The mats would have to be a good fit for safety as much as anything.

What we brought to market ticked all of these boxes.

Our Mercedes 107 rubber overmats come as a pair and is a product that you will not find anywhere else.

We used accurate drawings which had been mapped from the footwells of right-hand drive SLs so that our measurements were spot-on. They will fit the foot well right up to the edges while not interfering with the pedals.

The next step was for us to source the best material for the job.

We settled on rubber from the Hevea Brasillenses tree. We heat the rubber up to 200 degrees before pouring it in to moulds and then allowing it to cool and subsequently harden.

Once the mats have hardened, they are prepared for the final stage of the manufacturing process which allows us to add a grain as well as an SL emblem. The SL logo is the same style as the one found on the boot lid of the car – it carries no other branding and so tastefully matches any SL.

In all, this pair of mats took us eight months to develop, and indication of the high standard and intricate specifications to which we have manufactured them to.

Will the Mercedes 107 rubber overmat fit my car?

The Mercedes 107 rubber overmat which we have developed will fit any SL that was built between 1971 and 1989.  It’s important to note that the mats have been designed specifically for right-hand drive models only, therefore are not suitable for left-hand drive cars.

Watch this space for left-hand drive versions – we hope to have a set of mats available for that market soon.

Click here to purchase your R 107 SL overmats in our Parts Store here

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