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SLSHOP Release new rubber 107 matts.


Mercedes sl 107 rubber matts

SLSHOP Release new rubber 107 matts.

Developed by, and exclusive to, SLSHOP are the Mercedes SL 107 Black Rubber Floor Mats.

After seeing an extremely high demand for hard wearing rubber mats, SLShop has spent over 8 months developing this new and exciting product.

Made for use in right hand drive Mercedes SL 107 models throughout their years of production - 1971 to 1989.

The mats are made using a specially sourced, hard wearing rubber from the Hevea Brasilienses Tree. It is melted to 200 degrees and poured into a custom aluminium moulding tool. Once hardened, the mats then go to the final stage to prepare for the grain finish.

Tastefully finished with an 'SL' logo printed in the same style as the vehicles boot emblem.

Rugged and dependable to keep your interior carpets in tip-top condition.

Coming soon: Mercedes-Benz SL 107 Rubber Boot Mat and a LHD version of these rubber floor mats.

Mats can be for d for sale here

Any questions please contact our parts team on 01789 337072 or [email protected]

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