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The SL Shop Experience: Race & Rally

Race & Rally Preparation

It’s a fresh crisp morning, the air is cold but the coffee in your hands and the cylinders that are beginning to fire all around the paddock are most certainly not… You’re ten minutes from the start, preparing to climb into a 1980's roadster that’s lined up with some of the best looking Jaguars, Morgans and Porsche's of the last 30 years. And the best part…it’s not about the winning, it’s the taking part you’re here for. This is classic motor racing. It’s passionate, it’s decadent and it’s elegant but it’s still about making up that extra tenth at the third corner.

Elegance, style and class are words synonymous with the R107 SL, but durable, dependable and indestructible are equally appropriate. The SL makes a superb choice for rallies and races on all terrain. Whether you want to use your SL to race across harsh desserts of the Middle East (Phil and Kieron Brown, SLC) or compete in a UK or European circuit series, we can help to supply, prepare and build your competitive SL.

How Can We Help?

1. Road Rally Preparation
The SL is an ideal vehicle for road rallies, being reliable, dependable and well built. It’s also capable of maintaining high speeds over great distances. If you are entering a road rally here in the UK or further afield, we can prepare your car for any eventuality. Starting with a health check we can assess your vehicle and work with you to get the car to where you need it to be ready for the event, even delivering the car to the start line if you require.

2. Race Preparation
For those of you wanting to push the SL a little harder, race preparation is the next step. By establishing the requirements for your chosen race or race series, we can build a car for you to campaign to your own specification; ensuring that it is safe, eligible and competitive. We can also build a bespoke support package depending on the number of races in the series.

3. Rent our Race Car
Why not use our own race car to campaign for one event or a season? We have a fully prepared V8 R107 racer that can be used for a variety of events. Renting our race car includes a full day of testing if required, as well as driver coaching, fuel, tyres… Everything except the entry to the race itself! This is a bespoke package, and no two races are the same. If you’d like to speak with The SL Shop about using our expertise and our race car with one of your own drivers, please contact us. We would love to discuss the opportunity to get you racing.

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